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This web site was developed for use of the members of Troop F, Florida Highway Patrol

Auxiliary. It is not an official site of the Florida Highway Patrol. Every effort has been made to keep the information on this site current and accurate, however we are not responsible for any errors. For more information goto www.oceandigitalproductions.com.

My fellow FHPA'ers: I started this website back in 2004, as I thought that we needed a more current site that would serve three functions:

  • A recruiting site to entice possible recruits to see what the FHPA is all about with pictures and a communication flow that would show the entire process from application to swearing-in.

  • As a method to support communications within Troop F about Troop F - a sort of 'home page' for members, including a roster of all Troop F officers and members with pictures, rank and Troop F 'News'.

  • To provide a collection of data for FHPA in areas that needed a system to reach state goals.

    • A way for all members to report holiday activity, that would provide visual reports of that activity for Troop Commanders, Auxiliary managers, and staff.​

    • A way for  Troop F members to 'sign up' for training so that we would have an accurate count for that activity.

  • I then developed an App that would allow:

    • members to report activity at the end of shift​

    • instant access to 10/Signal/Admin radio codes.

    • the FHPA Policy Statement

    • to have a searchable database of all FHP/FHPA members Radio ID's (all member data is encrypted and password protected).

    • Auxiliary members would also have their cell phones listed so that fulltime Troopers could contact them to ride 10-12.

  • I believe that I have been successful in producing such functions on both the website and the FHPA 2020 App.

  • Unfortunately, a recently promoted senior Auxilary manager does not agree with the use of the website and app, as he believes that only products produced by his office should be used (even though he has no plans to provide a searchable database).  He alone has removed my access to the state database - without which I cannot continue to update the sites.

  • As a result, I will be taking both the website (MyTrooper.net) and the app (FHPA 2020) down in the near future. I am very disappointed, as I'm sure many of you will be also - we have over 60 members logged in to use the database and over 100 visiters to the web site each month. I want to thank each and every member that has supported my 'digital' efforts over the past 17 years. I also wish to thank you for all that you do for the State of Florida, the FHP, our residents, and visitors. Please understand that your service is dangerous and requires accurate attention to your surroundings. I don't need to remind you that a full-time Trooper was shot and killed checking on a S-76. Auxiliary does that many times each day, and we are the 1st level of backup on S-400. That Trooper is counting on your skill and judgment. So, please be safe and alert out there - your goal is to go home after each shift to your family. 

  • - Major John Prescott. (Scroll down to see the page).

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For more detailed information about becoming an Auxiliary Trooper, testing, training, and commitment click here.

We invite you to remember our members that have passed on. Thank you for your service, you will be missed.

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