We report with great sorrow the loss of Retired Corporal Nick Rivera, who was currently serving as an active reserve member for the Florida Highway Patrol in Troop A. Corporal Rivera was known and loved by many. He was our dear friend and served honorably and will be truly missed. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers during this time of mourning.

The Florida Highway Patrol and Auxiliary stepped up to provide assistance to residents in the Panhandle of Florida. Over 600 full time troopers were 'assigned' to the area to provide assistance wherever and whenever needed. They are assisting in all aspects during relief efforts. Thanks Troopers for taking time away from  your families at this time of need.

Friday, February 12th was a very sad day for citizens and State Troopers as we say goodbye to a great man who many people that knew him said he was always smiling. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Timothy Burtcher will be laid to rest today, surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances, paying their respects to a great man whom we lost in an unexpected tragedy. Rest in peace Tim and keep on smiling.

Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary awarded by the State of Florida for service. 

On Tuesday, 12/8/2015 Major John Prescott accepted the "Champion of Service Award" at the State Capitol in Tallahassee from Governor Rick Scott for "Strengthening our state with significant and meaningful service." The award was accepted on behalf of the 220+ Auxiliary Sworn State Troopers in Florida. Also in attendance was the Florida State Cabinet (Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, CFO Jeff Atwater and Commissioner Adam Putnam. Colonel Gene Spalding [State commander FHP] commented on the outstanding job the Auxiliary does to support the FHP mission and how pleased he is that the FHPA is being recognized for their service. Also in attendance was Major Michael Fraher and Lt. Barrie Glover. This award is a well deserved recognition for the hundreds of Auxiliary Troopers that put their lives on the line to support the mission of the FHP and to make Florida a better and safer place to live and visit. All members of the FHP and FHPA should take pride in this recognition by the Governor and the Florida Cabinet. It was a great day for the Auxiliary Troopers. This recognition is shared by ALL Auxiliary members past and present..

Auxiliary Senior Staff meets with FHP  Colonel Spalding 


On November 13, 14 & 15 Senior members of the Auxiliary from around the state meet in Orlando with our new Colonel Spalding, Lt. Colonel Thomas, Chief Duarte & Lt. Woodson to discuss the goals and objectives of the FHP/FHPA from this point forward. There are many opprotunities for Auxiliary to be more active in serving the FHP and the State of Florida.

12 New Auxiliary Members Sworn in by Colonel Spalding 


On Saturday September 26th 12 new Auxiliary Troopers from around the state were honored as they took the oath of office from Colonel Gene Spalding. Troop A: Trooper Peter Baire, Troop B: Trooper Jessica Sabo. Troop C: Trooper Emile Hawkins. Troop D: Trooper Andres Cepeda, Trooper Jonahan Gregorie, Trooper Marvin Foster, Trooper Victor Rivera. Troop F: Trooper Michael Prescott, Trooper Anthony Shaw. Troop G: Trooper Daniel Powell, Trooper Adam Saben. Troop L: Trooper Colin Hudson. 

NOTE: All of the pictures from the graduation are on on the "Photo Gallery" drop down menu (above). Or you may click on the icon above right.

Major John Prescott Recognized as One of

ABC's-7 "Seven Who Care"

ABC-TV 7 in Sarasota has an annual program titled “Seven Who Care”. The station selects 7 community members that have been nominated for their community service to receive this honor. My wife, Judy, submitted me for consideration for this recognition as a result of my volunteering to the Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary. I am pleased to advise you that I was, in fact,  selected as one of the 2015 Seven Who Care recipients.  

The award ceremony was held Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 11:30 AM at a luncheon at Michael’s on East restaurant in Sarasota.

TV-7 interviewed Trooper Ken Watson and I, in uniform. Then I took the reporter and camera-man for a short ‘ride-a-long’ to capture what ‘the Auxiliary job’ is like. They put together short video introductions for each of the selected Seven Awardees.

This honor was a great opportunity to give FHP and FHPA some positive exposure. I hope you enjoy. I also want to thank the Troopers that supported this process. Chief Spence Price, Capt. John Donovan, Capt. Conner Cardwell, Lt. Randy Head, Lt. Joseph Bowers, Master Trooper Ken Watson, Master Trooper Barbara Ehrhart, and Trooper Roldan Rodriguez.

Play the video below.

Let us all congratulate and remember the ones that served so long ago and today.(sound up on your unit.)
Lt. Montie Dowling's wife of over 40 years passed away this past week. 

Lt. Montie Dowling's wife, Shirley Chase, age 68, went home to rejoice with her Savior on April 24, 2015. She passed peacefully at the Good Shepherd Hospice House in Sebring, FL. The Florida Highway Patrol and Auxiliary had a very respectful turnout in support of our brother at this difficult time in his life. More than 30 troopers attended the funeral service.

Two new Commendations on the Commendation Page.

On Thursday, June 25th members of the North District gathered to celebrate Trooper Joe Filice being recognized as "Trooper of the Quarter",  1st Qtr. 2015 for his dedication and outstanding support of the FHP Mission. See more details of his support on the "Commendations" page of this website.

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Charlotte County 


Appreciation Dinner

On April 15th Charlotte County hosted a dinner to celebrate and thank the men and women that  work everyday to insure our residents and visitors have the services and emergency responders needed for a safe Florida.

Two of the attendee's awarded for "Outstanding Service to the Citizens of Charlotte County" were Auxiliary Major Wade Osborn and  Senior Trooper Jeff Hause

Governor’s Veterans Service Award honors Floridians who have served in the U.S. Military.

WHEREAS, it is proper that all Floridians honor America’s military veterans, including Florida’s more than 1.5 million living veterans, through whose selfless service and sacrifice we enjoy freedom and liberty. As a result, the Governor of Florida created executive order number 14-88 “The Governor’s Veterans Service Award” to honor Florida Veterans.

Troop F has a new "patrol" golf cart with lights and siren. Thanks to Major Wade Osborn. 

ACE  Auxiliary awarded in Troop F - Capt. Osborn promotted to Major. 

On Saturday, November 12th the ACE awards were handed out in Troop F. Wade Osborn was also promoted to Major, Troop Auxiliary Commander.

State and local promotions. 

 Major John Baumann has been assigned Commander of Troop F
The Florida Highway Patrol has a new Commander. The members and officers of the  FHPA  welcomes Colonel Gene Spalding 


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On Friday, June 5th Troop F welcomed 18 new Troopers recently graduated from the Academy. The FHPA helped celebrate the occasion by serving lunch to all in attendance. Thanks Capt. Ehrhart, Capt. Osborn & Troopers Pollard & Filice as well as the North & South Districts that paid for it!

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