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Members of Troop F worked with fellow 1st Responders to hold an all day "Safety Day"

Auxiliary members of Troop F Auxiliary South District along with members of the North District opened the doors and let the public take a look at the equipment they use everyday to keep all visitors and citizens of Florida Safe. About 350 citizens attended. 5 Auxiliary Troopers, and 3 K-9 Troopers worked the event. It lasted for six hours. Major Wade Osborn coordinated the event. 

Members of Troop F assisted with the Valousa County Fair

Auxiliary members of Troop F supported the securaty effort at the Valousa County Fair again this year.

Auxiliary members from around the state traveled to Tampa for the VIOLA 

Auxiliary members of Troop F along with other Troop Auxiliary members from around the state traveled to Tampa for three days of specilized police training.

2015 Collier County Sheriff's Celebrating Safe Communities

Auxiliary Sergeant Philip Osborne, Troop F South District,  participated in the Collier County Sheriff's Celebrating Safe Communities events. The events run all week long in different locations in Collier county. Philip was in East Naples yesterday and was in Golden Gate City today. Sgt Osborn is the Recruit Coordinator for Troop F Auxiliary.

South District FHPA - LSP Detail

On Saturday, August 15th the South District of Troop F conducted an LSP detail.  We paired up and saturated the south district with extra patrol and answering calls for service. After the detail, the members gathered for a post-detail lunch where plans were formulated to gather again for another LSP detail.


Participating Troopers were (Left to right)

  • Lt. Rob Aponte,

  • Sgt. Phil Osborne,

  • Sgt. Mark Nazzarese,

  • Trp. Ed Morgan

  • Tpr. Joe Filice (North District)

  • Lt. Montie Dowling (North District) 

  • Trp. Jim Larson.

  • Trp. Roldan Rodriguez (Unit Instructor)


The members traveled 689 Miles on the Interstate,

worked 14 'abanded vehicles' (S-11), 13 'disabled

vehicles' (S-76), had 6 assists and check the rest

area 3 times.


2015 Interstate Contra Flow Practice Detail

In anticipation of a major storm or hurricane approaching Florida and it becomes necessary to provide mass exoduses the FHP & FHPA will work together to control the outgoing traffic. If necessary making all interstate one way till the backup subsices. Here are pictures of that excersize conducted on I-75.




2015 Fireworks Detail at Miromar Outlet Center in Fort Myers

Troop F Auxiliary members teamed up with our Fulltime Troopers and other LEO's to provide secutity and traffic control at the annual fireworks detail. Everything went smooth and all the citizens had a wonderful, if not a little wet, experience. (Click on image to enlarge)

All photos curtsy of Lauren Fraclose Osborne 

2015 Fireworks Detail at Daytona Raceway

Troop F Auxiliary members teamed up with Troop D to assist with traffic control and enfocement over the Independence day activity.

2015 Fireworks Detail at Miromar Outlet Center in Fort Myers

Troop F Auxiliary members teamed up with our Fulltime Troopers and other LEO's to provide secutity and traffic control at the annual fireworks detail. Everything went smooth and all the citizens had a wonderful, if not a little wet, experience. (Click on image to enlarge)

Troop F Annual Firearms Certification

Troop F Auxiliary members met at the Desoto Correctional Instituate (DCI) Firing Range for a full day of training. Everyone qualified on their Glock service weapon, shotgun and assault rifle. Thanks to the Bradenton Unit for providing a wonderful dinner that was enjoyed by all. Retired FHP and FHPA members also attended to keep their firearms certification current. It was good to see old friends.

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Troop F Works Outback Bowl

Troop F works security on the field at the "Outback Bowl" at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Captain Andy Ehart, Trooper Joe Filice, Trooper. Brett Harussler and Lieutanant Montie Dowling represented Troop F on Thursday, New Years Day,  January 1, 2015.




Capt. David Bush Retires

At the annual Fort Myers Holiday Party the Unit took advantage of the gathering members and guests to celebrate the contribution of Capt. Dave Bush for the past 14 years serving the Florida Highway Patrol in the Ft. Myers/Naples areas. A good time was had by all and we were happy so many full time troopers came to show their support. We wish Dave the very best in his new adventure. He will be missed by all. 



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2014 Kids Safety Day @ Gulf Coast Town Center

Members of the Ft. Myers Unit demonstrated the FHP Rollover machine at the Kids Safety  Day at Gulf Coast Town Center. The rollover simulator was a big hit at Kids Safety Day at Gulf Coast Town Center. Troop F Auxiliary Recruiter Phil Osborne demonstrated seat belt safety to a crowd of several hundred over the course of the day. — at Gulf Coast Town Center.

Troop F Units work Daytona Races

Members of Troop F went to the east coast to assist Troop D with traffic management of the Daytona "Firecracker" races over the 4th of July holiday period. At times there were as many as 15 buses passing at a time… It was cold, then hot and at the end VERY, VERY Wet. 

Troop F Units Close I-75 North Bound

On Wednesday, Sept. 27th a semi chemical tanker truck going south bound on I-75 at around mile marker 210 lost control of his vehicle. Ran across the median and the north bound lanes crashing and spilling his chemicals along the side of the interstate. The north bound lanes were closed for most of the day. Troop F Auxiliary responded and continued to work the detail till the lanes were opened.

Bradenton Unit works Seatbelt Detail

On Saterday, May 24th the Bradenton Unit conducted a Seat Belt Detail at State Road 64 and Palma Sola Causeway in Bradenton From 8:00 am to Noon. They issued citations for 4 No Valid Driver License, 7 expired tags, 15 Seatbelt violations, 6 Window Tint violations and 6 vehicles without Proof of Insurance. In total there were 38 arrests, 21 written warnings and 33 faulty equipment notices. The detail was manned by carrer troopers, Sgt. John Edwards, Tpr. Barbara Ehrhart, Tpr. Todd Bergman, Tpr. G. Luh, Cpl. D McInturff, and Auxiliary members, Capt. Andy Ehrhart, Sgt. Joe Noel, Tpr. Joe Filice and Tpr. Tony Shaw (L2R) and Tpr. Bret Haeussler (L2R) Good job guys keeping us safe on a holiday weekend!!!

Troop F Members Assist Troop D at Volusia County Fair - November 2014

Members of Troop F traveled to Volusia County to

provide security for the Volusia County Fair. 

Troopers will be assigned to monitor gate entry activity, parking lots and conduct foot patrols of common areas such as the midway, food court, exhibit halls and other fixed structures located on the property.  Troopers will assist with locating and reuniting lost children with their parents or guardians.  In addition, Troopers will respond to and investigate calls for disturbance, criminal activity or any other call requiring a law enforcement response.  Troopers will also assist medical personnel with their response to the site of medical emergency and in maintaining crowd control during any emergency.

Members attending:        ·    Capt. Wade Osborn  

·   Tpr. David Pollard        ·    Tpr. Jim Larson        

·   Tpr. Joe Filice                ·    Capt. Andy Ehrhart

Troop F Celebrates the FHP 75th Anniversary.

Members of Troop F and around the state gathered together on Saturday, November 15, 2014 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Florida Highway Patrol. The ACE Awards were also presented at this event.

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Drive to Zero Campaign

On the weekend of March 28, 29 and 30th members of the Troop F Auxiliary provided operational support to the first of four weekends this year. The "Drive to Zero" campaign is an attempt to create special enforcement of Florida's vehicle operational laws. 14 Auxiliary members put in a total of 483 man hours over the weekend. We traveled 3,302 miles and had 81 contacts. That is the manpower equivalent of 16 Troopers working three 10 hour shifts. We look forward to the June schedule.